Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why I don't make bearing-tip P213's

So, I finally made a bearing-tip P213 that met my satisfaction in late September 2009:


'tis a YYJ Matrix on top, YYJ NXG, and a YYJ Bulldog (aka Gates top) for the bottom with a bearing tip. I've wanted to build this one for years, thought I missed the boat on getting the parts. Bearing Kings (Duncan's bearing top) are pretty thick near the bottom adding too much weight, and the brass tips on Blizzards (Spintastics' bearing top) also add weight, but they wobble - not enough to notice during spin top play, but a P213 spins much faster from the start (I haven't proven this with a laser tachometer yet, but it's on the agenda), and anything that isn't "nailed down" will cause the whole thing to wobble erratically.

But this one works, and works well! Smooth, corkscrews great, very catchable. This was one of my many Mount Everest’s, and finally I can put this one to bed. Why? The reasons are many. Keep in mind my motive is to build… several.

AVAILABILITY: The only acceptable (IMO) arrangement requires YYJ parts no longer in production. I don’t even want to play with this thing for fear I’ll bust the tip and be unable to replace it. COST: Even if I could make the other models work, the cost is substantial compared to a Duncan Imperial spin top. DURABILITY: Forget it. Bearing tips are fickle, and the tricks suffer if it has to be babied. WEIGHT & BALANCE: ugh.

The biggest reason for me, however, is WHY? Solve all the problems above, and for what, exactly? This is a top you can RETURN. Out of spin? Return it and do another trick, sucka! All right, I’ll simma-down-naugh. I don’t deny that a bearing tip opens up an unknown chasm of potential tricks for spin tops and P213’s alike. It just seems that the effect of bearing technology on spin tops (like 10 years now?) hasn’t blown the sport wide open like it did to yo-yo’s. There are all kinds of arguments against this little mantra, but you just gotta let these opinionated statements out sometimes, ya know?

Look up Gerardo Montero on you tube. Fixed tip.

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