Tuesday, October 6, 2009


P213 = Project 213 = name of Doc Pop's yo-yo / spintop combination. He showed me one somewhere near the start of this millennium, and I've been building them ever since. I can go on and on about all the prototypes I’ve built, but here's a pic showing a range of them:

As soon as I figured out how to do an off-string boomerang with it and return it while spinning on hand, I quit looking at it as a yo-yo, and to me, it is the first true "return top." There have been, and will be, other yo-yo/spin top combinations, but this arrangement is the only type that I've seen that can perform as an off-string return top... like this (Please pardon the crude video. I'm a dad. Time is short.):

The one i'm using here has a bearing axle and a fixed tip. I have built many prototypes with various brands of yo-yos and tops, and I've built fixed tip, bearing tip, fixed axle and bearing axle types (by axle I mean the yo-yo axle). A bearing axle makes a flick wind-up much easier, and the fixed tip just makes more sense to me. For one, bearing tips increase weight disribution and balancing problems, but in my opinion there is already a product out there that provides a bearing tip experience - which I think lends itself to on-string yo-yo type tricks. Ed Haponik has a video illustrating this. The P213 offers something different - streaming fixed tip spin top play.

For a brief moment I thought this would revolutionize top play. It won't. I was anxious to elimate the need to learn regenerating top tricks like roller-coaster and drum-beat to be able to give a performance without pause for winding, or carrying a crapload of pre-wound tops around, but my real motive was; I could't do roller-coaster or drum-beat. Now I can, and it's friggin awesome. Still the P213 offers a different style of play, a combinations of top and offstring tricks not seen before, and new tricks all together. I want to see what today's yo-yo and top players can do with these things...


  1. I'm excited. I also like how the video was 2:13 in length. Subtly clever.

  2. 'you are awesome' seems too mundane a way to express what i'm thinking, but catches the basic 'gist'. wow. the transaction/avenger/bearing king LOOKS so great, too. frickin' rad.

  3. I can't say that I've ever really seen a good P213 demonstration until now. The ability to wind and then immediately throw again is very appealing. How do you like using yoyo string for top tricks and having the string attached to your finger?

  4. The yo-yo string doesn't bother me, but I learned tops and P213 almost simultaneously, so my opinion is definitely skewed. To tell you the truth, top buttons really bug me. I traded a P213 to “ta0” (World Top Spinning Champion), and it feels pretty weird to him. He’s got a review over at iTopSpin.com. I’m working on sommore tricks and video fer y’alls vewing pleasure.

  5. post this on youtube! i came on this sie accedentally but its amazing, i was ooking for a good top yoyo hybrid and you made several already and seem to be really good at them, good show old boy